I need to get going with developing soon, as I have sooooo many domains that could get developed.
I have decided these are the ones that I will start to develop, and many others are not my expertise at all, so they are never going to get developed. And another reason for this, is that I believe they are to miniature niches, like TiaraRing.com.

Here is a list for develop projects:

1. AffiliDB.com (Brandable)

2. HowToBlogging.com (Great Type-in Volume!)

5. RentersInsuranceFlorida.com

6. CarRentalInSF.com (Domain name gets type-ins traffic too)

7. ViralBreakout.xcom (My Kindle Ebooks)

I don’t think I can earn a full tyme income with those domains. Number five maybe could earn tops $3k a month and 6 & 2 can earn $1k each but I need much luck for that to happen! My Ebooks can do $500 a month and AffiliDB $2k and we now are speaking full-time intome…. but with less than those sums and I will have to eat Ramen Noodles every day!

The taxes for businesses in the socialist butthole where I live is just OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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