I decided that I will create web-sites for the domain namesthat gets 8+ type-in traffic per month and I will create a website. Hopefully I make like an additional $300 a per year or so, by developing domain names in to websites. I like to be transparent and tell you all what I will develop out of the 90 domain names I own.

  1. CloudBasedServices.com (Adsense 14 CPC)
  2. FixturesToday.com (SPORTS BETTING AFFILIATE)
  3. FoodDeliverySF.com, This is real surprise for how many type-ins it has gotten, as its getting 68 during past 12 months. And CPC around $7…. can this domain generate $550+ during a oneyear period ?
  4. FullySEO.com, been getting 20 type-ins since June. And the CPC for SEO is around $7-$10… so I hope for $200+ per year from affiliate commissions in SEO tools..
  5. Several hotel domain names which have 230 type-ins during the past 12 months and those will re-direct to a hotel booking site and/or create a own white label for hotels!
  6. HowtoBlogging.com 35 type-ins since listed with Sedo. Hopefully 1-2 affiliate sales per year with Bluehost…. $150 per year?
  7. MegaYachtinsurance.com, 35 type-ins too and hopefully can I earn $300 from selling leads?
  8. TiaraRing.com 23 visitors, and as affiliate can make sum sales… poor cpc like less than $1… but many advertisers!
  9. RentersInsuranceFlorida.com 31 vistors and Will create a website for adsense..
  10. I have other domains but they are brandables and what not, I mean the traffic is mostly asian or africa. And I don’t see it’s being worth time to develop those domain names. For like 0.03 CPC! 🙂
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