I’ve been searching for a domain name for my ebooks and comedy videos. My idea was to have all my work under one domain name and call my self the “bitcoin comedian”… BitcoinComedian.com already was taken, so I went for BitCoinComedian.me and it was just $4.99 for a year through GoDaddy.

A few days later, and I realized I didn’t want a dotme domain name and instead a dotcom. So I searched for an hour, just by coming up with ideas in my head. I ended up with ViralComedian.com and again a hand-regged through GoDaddy. I wasn’t satisfied for too many days, as I didn’t like the fact that it was only about “comedy”. As I wanted a brandable that goes well with both ebooks and videos. I thought about registering ViralEntertainer.com as my first option… but neither did this be a universal brand name and it was 16 characters!

I typed in name after name and everything was taken already. I went with ViralAxe.com, ViralBuzz.com, ViralHub.com… I prefered ViralBuzz.com but knew deep down it is a $15k name or even more expensive. Long story short, as I found one longer domain name which I loved and that was ViralBreakout.com… just like ViralBuzz… those two words Viral and Breakout both are great together.

That was the tale for how I ended up with a brandable domain name for my authorship and entertainment works.

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