Everything seemed great:

Search volume with Uber suggestions: Slighly above 200,000 per month
Kwfinder: 164,000 searches per month
SpyFu: 600k+ searches per month and $3.98K In ad spending!

I though that I found a bargain! I purchased the domain name and two days later I’ve had zero type-in traffic and I want money back. Frankly!

Sh*t happens! It was a three word domain name: HotelsinSF.com

The strange thing is that I’ve had a four word domain name with SF in it with 40,000 searches per month and in the first week i had 8-type-ins…. with a four word name and ending inSF.com! :/

Lucky it just 1.500k! I learned a lesson not to steer blindly on SE volume, as it can’t have been accurate!

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