The domain name industry is not what used to be, like in mid 2000. Then most of the big domain sales took place and the last golden year probably was 2009-2010.

I honestly don’t market my domain names well. I think some of my domain names that I showcase on this website is better than many I see get bought in auctions. Consider all my names but a select few is hand-regged.

The intelligent is to develop your best domain names and create websites. Enter huge markets and aim to get 0.1% of market share. I plan to build website in fields where I have passion. Else it becomes a .. tiresome.. J.O.B.

Which I plan to develop in 2019:

  1. – How to Buy Stock & Invest in Stock Market
  2. – How to Quit Porn Surfing (Digital Book completed)
  3. – Premium Domain Names for Startups
  4. – The Disgusting Dishes Digital Book

I belive have the possibility to earn me $1000 per month in parttime income. And honestly I can say that I have passione for all of those projects.

I look forward to make money online! My Goal is not milli0ns but $5,000 per month and If I make this amount, I will create new online income streams and outsource those I own when they run on auto-pilot. 🙂

Today nothing is free! Back in the 90s I said “A Lot Of Dressing” when buying Kebabs and never paid a dime extra! And today is an additional expense EVERYWHERE! 😀

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