I have just checked if my domain names were blacklisted with Mxtoolbox.com, a great tool for the purpose. But I have some bad news to tell you about, RentersInsuranceFlorida.xcom, HowtoBlogging.com and AffiliDB.com…. they are all blacklisted domain names!

I have other domain names that weren’t blacklisted anywhere and instead I will develop those. In much bigger industries too, so I just need a fractional piece of the pie for a great income. Looking forward to developing domain names!

But this is so discouraging as a domainer, as I almost feel like quitting the whole “domaining dream” and spend time elsewhere, as soooooo many domain names are blacklisted with spamregisters. Fact, I’ve read a story about somebody which purchased a six figure domain name which they develped and domain name never showed up during Google searches… can you guess why?? The domain name was blacklisted from Google.

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