Let me explain what I mean by my bold statement in the headline. I’ts time the majority of domainers wake up from their fairytale wishes of prime domains. Only a handfull of domainers can unload, if they wish, a domain for eight figures in a month or less. Rick Schwartz and others are in the elite league in domaining.

For the rest of us, the RX.com goes as noise and a distraction and is a waste of time ponder any thoughts on it. I’ve cut down more on reading about domain name sales and going on’s in the industry. It’s ALMOST as useless as the gloom and doom headlines in regular news sources but in domaining it’s mostly about sales figures.

It’s a waste of time if you are a division 5 domainer and you are fairytale wishing about sales by the highest division domainers. One of the best things I did 10 years ago was cut down to one hour a week for news.

Little by little i read less and less. And that’s what I’ve done with domaining too. And as usual what every TRULY successful person does…as they in the grind and hustle 18/24 while others are gossiping about industry events and what not! And wasting precious time!

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