Bad News For Website Development

I have just checked if my domain names were blacklisted with, a great tool for the purpose. But I have some bad news to tell you about, RentersInsuranceFlorida.xcom, and…. they are all blacklisted domain names!

I have other domain names that weren’t blacklisted anywhere and instead I will develop those. In much bigger industries too, so I just need a fractional piece of the pie for a great income. Looking forward to developing domain names!

But this is so discouraging as a domainer, as I almost feel like quitting the whole “domaining dream” and spend time elsewhere, as soooooo many domain names are blacklisted with spamregisters. Fact, I’ve read a story about somebody which purchased a six figure domain name which they develped and domain name never showed up during Google searches… can you guess why?? The domain name was blacklisted from Google.

Websites For DEVELOP

I need to get going with developing soon, as I have sooooo many domains that could get developed.
I have decided these are the ones that I will start to develop, and many others are not my expertise at all, so they are never going to get developed. And another reason for this, is that I believe they are to miniature niches, like

Here is a list for develop projects:

1. (Brandable)

2. (Great Type-in Volume!)


6. (Domain name gets type-ins traffic too)

7. ViralBreakout.xcom (My Kindle Ebooks)

I don’t think I can earn a full tyme income with those domains. Number five maybe could earn tops $3k a month and 6 & 2 can earn $1k each but I need much luck for that to happen! My Ebooks can do $500 a month and AffiliDB $2k and we now are speaking full-time intome…. but with less than those sums and I will have to eat Ramen Noodles every day!

The taxes for businesses in the socialist butthole where I live is just OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Time For Websites

I decided that I will create web-sites for the domain namesthat gets 8+ type-in traffic per month and I will create a website. Hopefully I make like an additional $300 a per year or so, by developing domain names in to websites. I like to be transparent and tell you all what I will develop out of the 90 domain names I own.

  1. (Adsense 14 CPC)
  3., This is real surprise for how many type-ins it has gotten, as its getting 68 during past 12 months. And CPC around $7…. can this domain generate $550+ during a oneyear period ?
  4., been getting 20 type-ins since June. And the CPC for SEO is around $7-$10… so I hope for $200+ per year from affiliate commissions in SEO tools..
  5. Several hotel domain names which have 230 type-ins during the past 12 months and those will re-direct to a hotel booking site and/or create a own white label for hotels!
  6. 35 type-ins since listed with Sedo. Hopefully 1-2 affiliate sales per year with Bluehost…. $150 per year?
  7., 35 type-ins too and hopefully can I earn $300 from selling leads?
  8. 23 visitors, and as affiliate can make sum sales… poor cpc like less than $1… but many advertisers!
  9. 31 vistors and Will create a website for adsense..
  10. I have other domains but they are brandables and what not, I mean the traffic is mostly asian or africa. And I don’t see it’s being worth time to develop those domain names. For like 0.03 CPC! 🙂

The Process to Find a Domain Name for Ebooks and YouTube Videos

I’ve been searching for a domain name for my ebooks and comedy videos. My idea was to have all my work under one domain name and call my self the “bitcoin comedian”… already was taken, so I went for and it was just $4.99 for a year through GoDaddy.

A few days later, and I realized I didn’t want a dotme domain name and instead a dotcom. So I searched for an hour, just by coming up with ideas in my head. I ended up with and again a hand-regged through GoDaddy. I wasn’t satisfied for too many days, as I didn’t like the fact that it was only about “comedy”. As I wanted a brandable that goes well with both ebooks and videos. I thought about registering as my first option… but neither did this be a universal brand name and it was 16 characters!

I typed in name after name and everything was taken already. I went with,,… I prefered but knew deep down it is a $15k name or even more expensive. Long story short, as I found one longer domain name which I loved and that was… just like ViralBuzz… those two words Viral and Breakout both are great together.

That was the tale for how I ended up with a brandable domain name for my authorship and entertainment works.

Strike Of Fortune

How the heck did it happen?? As I just hand-regged Everything above and below the sun was already regged from the dropped domains list. Those exact keywords gets a few hundred search volume per month for average months, but developed can become a powerful brand! I can believe at times, that I live in some type of Matrix! I just feel truly fortunate with some names I find available to hand-register!

A new rule that I stick to in all circumstances is, a domain name must be up to two word domains and less and 10 characters OR LESS, unless it’s a exact match! (Like

Those are my only rules! And that a name must make sense. Like Rick Schwartz mentioned on Twitter, it’s and not! 🙂

Sedo MLS Activated and Move Domains to Dynadot

I decided to transfer my domains, those that are not developed projects to Dynadot. I’ve realized that Dynadot is my top pick and best for domain names not developed. I like GoDaddy for developed domains, and I trust GoDaddy them most of all registrars. They have high-prices and lots of upsells but it’s easy to renew domains and many of the super-premiums domains are with GoDaddy, like Elon Musk’s domain. I’ve heard MANY horror stories with NameCheap and Dynadot for domains that were developed and had traffic and couldn’t renew the domain for some absurd reason!!! (glitch)

I also activated domains at Dynadot with Sedo MLS and it’s simple! I recommend that you do the same if your domains are with Sedo. With a “Buy Now” tag and get “100% Promo-mode” distribution at registrars. I hope to get a domain name sold soon! It’s been a while! But I will definitely move most of my domains from GoDaddy to Dynadot and activate Sedo MLS.

Edited: I’ve had a change of opinion with Sedo MLS and found a better option. As I re-searched about Afternic and it seem like the overall best Domain Name Marketplace in the business. 🙂

How I wasted usd 1.500?

Everything seemed great:

Search volume with Uber suggestions: Slighly above 200,000 per month
Kwfinder: 164,000 searches per month
SpyFu: 600k+ searches per month and $3.98K In ad spending!

I though that I found a bargain! I purchased the domain name and two days later I’ve had zero type-in traffic and I want money back. Frankly!

Sh*t happens! It was a three word domain name:

The strange thing is that I’ve had a four word domain name with SF in it with 40,000 searches per month and in the first week i had 8-type-ins…. with a four word name and ending! :/

Lucky it just 1.500k! I learned a lesson not to steer blindly on SE volume, as it can’t have been accurate!

**Cleaned Out My Closet

Let me explain what I mean by this. On blogs I own, Ive deleted blog posts that I feel is not up to par with my best blog posts. I did this because I like a top notch closet without old worn out t-shirts. 🙂

I did the same with my Quora account. As I deleted answers that barley have had any traction with upvotes.

My track record now is looking top-notch over at Quora and I recommend that you do the same thing with your blogs and social media accounts and clean out ur closet. 🙂


I’ve decided to get back with Sedo and use SedoMLS instead of parking with Bodis. I not make any decent money with Bodis parking:

382 visits
55 clicks

Total $0.52

I’ve never used SedoMLS before, simply because not been interested enough in selling domain names. But time to change gear!

How much are you making from parking? This is my parking revenue from mid June 🙁

$1 Million For and is a Pipedream for 99.99% of domainers!

Let me explain what I mean by my bold statement in the headline. I’ts time the majority of domainers wake up from their fairytale wishes of prime domains. Only a handfull of domainers can unload, if they wish, a domain for eight figures in a month or less. Rick Schwartz and others are in the elite league in domaining.

For the rest of us, the goes as noise and a distraction and is a waste of time ponder any thoughts on it. I’ve cut down more on reading about domain name sales and going on’s in the industry. It’s ALMOST as useless as the gloom and doom headlines in regular news sources but in domaining it’s mostly about sales figures.

It’s a waste of time if you are a division 5 domainer and you are fairytale wishing about sales by the highest division domainers. One of the best things I did 10 years ago was cut down to one hour a week for news.

Little by little i read less and less. And that’s what I’ve done with domaining too. And as usual what every TRULY successful person does…as they in the grind and hustle 18/24 while others are gossiping about industry events and what not! And wasting precious time!