How I wasted usd 1.500?

Everything seemed great:

Search volume with Uber suggestions: Slighly above 200,000 per month
Kwfinder: 164,000 searches per month
SpyFu: 600k+ searches per month and $3.98K In ad spending!

I though that I found a bargain! I purchased the domain name and two days later I’ve had zero type-in traffic and I want money back. Frankly!

Sh*t happens! It was a three word domain name: ***********

The strange thing is that I’ve had a four word domain name with SF in it with 40,000 searches per month and in the first week i had 8-type-ins…. with a four word name and ending! :/

Lucky it just 1.500k! I learned a lesson not to steer blindly on SE volume, as it can’t have been accurate!

**Cleaned Out My Closet

Let me explain what I mean by this. On blogs I own, Ive deleted blog posts that I feel is not up to par with my best blog posts. I did this because I like a top notch closet without old worn out t-shirts. 🙂

I did the same with my Quora account. As I deleted answers that barley have had any traction with upvotes.

My track record now is looking top-notch over at Quora and I recommend that you do the same thing with your blogs and social media accounts and clean out ur closet. 🙂


I’ve decided to get back with Sedo and use SedoMLS instead of parking with Bodis. I not make any decent money with Bodis parking:

382 visits
55 clicks

Total $0.52

I’ve never used SedoMLS before, simply because not been interested enough in selling domain names. But time to change gear!

How much are you making from parking? This is my parking revenue from mid June 🙁

$1 Million For and is a Pipedream for 99.99% of domainers!

Let me explain what I mean by my bold statement in the headline. I’ts time the majority of domainers wake up from their fairytale wishes of prime domains. Only a handfull of domainers can unload, if they wish, a domain for eight figures in a month or less. Rick Schwartz and others are in the elite league in domaining.

For the rest of us, the goes as noise and a distraction and is a waste of time ponder any thoughts on it. I’ve cut down more on reading about domain name sales and going on’s in the industry. It’s ALMOST as useless as the gloom and doom headlines in regular news sources but in domaining it’s mostly about sales figures.

It’s a waste of time if you are a division 5 domainer and you are fairytale wishing about sales by the highest division domainers. One of the best things I did 10 years ago was cut down to one hour a week for news.

Little by little i read less and less. And that’s what I’ve done with domaining too. And as usual what every TRULY successful person does…as they in the grind and hustle 18/24 while others are gossiping about industry events and what not! And wasting precious time!

Hand-reg of this day

Today I hand-regged the name and I believe a value of a cool $1,000 value, as I wish all days is like this good! But they are farer and fewer between!

Holy Smokes

The domain name was recently sold for $30 million in CASH.

That is a lot of money but I like this domain name. I feel that a big bold brand can successfully launch a biz from this type of domain name. If you have the funds and big ideas, at times dropping $30 million on a domain name may not a dumb move.

My best domain name is… I know those keywords gets next to no searches per month but the possibilities for a law firm is massive in the field of MASSIVE lawsuits. A fantastic domain name for this purpose! And I ask $2 million for the domain name! The sum is nothing in comparison for what massive lawsuit can bring home for lawfirms… Like $10’s and a many times $100’s of millions from one successful verdict! 🙂


This industry is the ultimate lazymans dream to fortunes. And fortunes are made still in this industry. Just the domain name, was sold last year for $12 million and other crypto names have sold for six figures.

Trends before Crypto were domains with tube keywords. And before that it was kewords with blogs and we also had the “cloud” era. So, if you look into your crystalball and find the next big trend to come…. then you can turn your $1000(fee for 100 domains) into a fortune.

That’s the power of domain investing and the power of opportunity in the digital age. All you need is a finetuned vision of what is the next big trend.

Blacklisted in Spam Register

It’s time domainers and domain registrars become upfront if domain names are in a spam register. I used scanner on of my domain names. And eight in my domain portfolio are listed in a spam register. Not delighted!

Develop Domains

The domain name industry is not what used to be, like in mid 2000. Then most of the big domain sales took place and the last golden year probably was 2009-2010.

I honestly don’t market my domain names well. I think some of my domain names that I showcase on this website is better than many I see get bought in auctions. Consider all my names but a select few is hand-regged.

The intelligent is to develop your best domain names and create websites. Enter huge markets and aim to get 0.1% of market share. I plan to build website in fields where I have passion. Else it becomes a .. tiresome.. J.O.B.

Which I plan to develop in 2019:

  1. – How to Buy Stock & Invest in Stock Market
  2. – How to Quit Porn Surfing (Digital Book completed)
  3. – Premium Domain Names for Startups
  4. – The Disgusting Dishes Digital Book

I belive have the possibility to earn me $1000 per month in parttime income. And honestly I can say that I have passione for all of those projects.

I look forward to make money online! My Goal is not milli0ns but $5,000 per month and If I make this amount, I will create new online income streams and outsource those I own when they run on auto-pilot. 🙂

Today nothing is free! Back in the 90s I said “A Lot Of Dressing” when buying Kebabs and never paid a dime extra! And today is an additional expense EVERYWHERE! 😀

Hello Startup!

My domain names are perfect for startups and SMB online. I just sell 2-3 domain names per year as the sales proceeds goes under capital gains taxation. My domains are sold as a private investor and not owned by any business.

Brandable domain name and also, both powerful brandable and favorites. You can find my collection under menu “portfolio” and my domain names are gems only! 😛