Startup Name

I can’t fathom how a domain name like this didn’t get regged from the deleted domain names list. It’s was deleted 20 days ago and nobody csnapped up the OOHDO.COM…. I regged it four hours ago. 🙂

Instead they regged a bunch of pigeon s*it that was deleted around the same time:

Sumph (Some Potential here. But others are PS. :D)

And on and on and on!

Holy Smokes

The domain name was recently sold for $30 million in CASH.

That is a lot of money but I like this domain name. I feel that a big bold brand can have successful rocket launch from this type of domain name. If you have the funds and big ideas sometimes dropping $30 million on a domain name is not a dumb move.

My best domain name is… I know those keywords gets next to no searches per month but the possibilities for a law firm is massive in the field of MASSIVE lawsuits. A fantastic domain name for that purpose! And now I ask $2 million for the domain name! This is nothing in comparison for what massive lawsuit can bring home for lawfirms… Like $10’s and a few times $100’s of millions from one verdict! 🙂

Time to Move

I’ve yet to move my domains from Sedo to Bodis. I do my laundry right now at 2:08 AM. I’m a daylight shy person.

I’ve yet to get one domain name sold for four figures in 2019. I sold two domains last year. One for close to $4k.

I found a domain name for $1.5k… not certain to buy the name or spend funds elsewhere. Like on handregs or buy a new pair of pants. Or buy some TSLA stock, lol


This industry is the ultimate lazymans dream to fortunes. And fortunes are made still in this industry. Just the domain name, was sold last year for $12 million and other crypto names have sold for six figures.

Trends before Crypto were domains with tube keywords. And before that it was kewords with blogs and we also had the “cloud” era. So, if you look into your crystalball and find the next big trend to come…. then you can turn your $1000(fee for 100 domains) into a fortune.

That’s the power of domain investing and the power of opportunity in the digital age. All you need is a finetuned vision of what is the next big trend.

Top Handregs in June

My best handregs of June so far.


My favorite GTLD of mine is probably the .life extension. It’s one of the smoother GTLD’s.

My bad handregs: (what usually nobody share with others) ( would like to develop, I have had two comedy car insurance videos on youtube, but not sure how to make money, or do I need to?..) (had an idea for boiled food recipes. Don’t want explain more of it.)… refunded this one. Was supposed to be a review site for books. But to bad I have no energy and the idea WAS TO BIG FOR ME…

Going to Bodis

I am five years late or so.(when everyone moved from sedo parking) I’ve decided to move from Sedo parking and go full Bodis. The Bodis interface is 8x better than Sedo. Much much smoother UI with Bodis and they don’t have a cluttered management page with absolutley every variable ON ONE PAGE: Terr9ble

I can’t for the word of it under stand why they have that make offer and buy now and even worse the “not for sale” tag showing in management. It’s unintuitive and unnecessary to show those in the management page.

Moving to Bodis and should have made this move a long time ago. But I have a tiny income with domain parking. I make more money parking my ass on a chair and collecting social security.

Hope I can become a domaining god one day like Rick Schwartz… and/or become the first schizo on Marz. 😀

Develop Domains

The domain name industry is not what used to be, like in mid 2000.It was then most of the big domain sales happend and the last golden year was probably 2009-2010.

I honestly don’t market my domain names well enough. I think my portfolio that I showcase on this website is more than decent. Considering all of them are hand-regs.

But the intelligent way to go is to develop your best domain names and create websites. Enter huge markets and aim to get 0.1% of market share. I plan to build website in fields where I have passion. Else it becomes a .. tiresome.. J.O.B.

Which I plan to develop in 2019:

  1. – How to Buy Stock & Invest in Stock Market
  2. – How to Quit Porn Surfing (Digital Book completed)
  3. – Premium Domain Names (More on the way)
  4. – The Disgusting Dishes Book (digital book completed)

Those are the domains I belive have the possibility to earn me $1 million per year. And I can say honestly that I am passioned with everyone of those projects.

I look forward to make money online! My Goal is not milli0ns but $5,000 per month and If I make this amount, I will create new online income streams and outsource the maintence of those I already own. 🙂

Today nothing is free! Back in the 90s I said “A Lot Of Extra Dressing” when buying Kebabs and never paid a dime extra! And now this is an additional charge EVERYWHERE! 😀

Hello Startup!

My domain names are perfect for startups and SMB online. I only sell off two domain names per year. As the sales proceeds then goes under capital gains taxation. My domains are sold as a private investor and not owned by a business.

Intuitive brandable Klumio and then I have the Savvy Core, as a powerful brandable and favorite of mine. You can find my collection under menu “portfolio” and my list consists of gems only! 😛